Table of Contents

In Search of Times Past

Part One

Chap. 1      Royal Incest
Chap. 2      The Prodigal Archive
Chap. 3      Cheers and Hisses
Chap. 4      A Proper Respect for Authority
Chap. 5      The British Connection

Part Two

Chap. 6      Holocaust and Amnesia
Chap. 7      From Venus with Love
Chap. 8      Homo Schizo Meets God

Part Three

Chap. 9      New Fashions in Catastrophism
Chap. 10    ABC's of Astrophysics
Chap. 11    Clockwork

Part Four

Chap. 12    The Third World of Science
Chap. 13    The Empire Strikes Back
Chap. 14    The Foibles of  Heretics

Part Five

Chap. 15    The Knowledge Industry
Chap. 16    Precursors of Quantavolution
Chap. 17    The Advancement of Science



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